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    Thai Spa and It's Best

    Relaxing & Refreshing with The Soul Wellness Spa


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    Luxury Soul Indulgence

    At Soul Wellness Spa you can indulge and invigorate your senses by turning yourself over to the expert hands and letting them work wonders on your body, mind & soul.

    Thai Spa

    A combination of acupressure and yoga-like stretching techniques that employs the use of the therapist's fingers, thumbs, elbows, arms and feet on the body's muscles, pressure points and energy lines ("Sen") to clear energy blockages and balance the body's energy.

    Signature Rituals

    All our signature treatments have been designed to offer the ultimate in relaxation. For each treatment you will have a choice of our in house blended aromatherapy oils. Your therapist will work with you to choose a blend whose essential oils will work best for you on the day of your treatment.

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